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 MRM Story

Innovative and creative products sell – that’s an undeniable fact. To stay competitive in the international market, manufacturers need to market their products innovatively with good designs. Making products stand out in the eyes of the consumers is not an easy task as consumers nowadays are easily swayed by beautiful designs and shapes. To remain competitive in the global market and gain good market demand, it is imperative for manufacturers and designers to come up with new ideas and inculcate a culture of dynamic innovation.

The Malaysia Design Council (MRM) was established in 1993 to pave a future of innovation and design for Malaysia. It spearheads design programmes in the country to boost the industry’s design expertise, capabilities and standards.

A non-profit agency, MRM is under the supervision of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. It is regarded as a think tank and advisor to evolve innovative designs among Malaysians, and to ensure that we are on par with international standards.

For the past 10 years, MRM has strived to promote the effective use of design and thinking in business, education and government. To date, it continues with its efforts to elevate designing methods and to catapult the creativity among manufacturers. With the guidance and recommendations from MRM, Malaysian companies are now able to move ahead and forge a greater bond with their consumers through their increased expertise in creating eye-catching products.

MRM Objectives  

  • Lead and coordinate design activities among Malaysian society
  • Nurture new groups of innovative and creative younger generations
  • Guide manufacturers towards world-class design capabilities
  • Provide the competitive edge and ensure our manufacturers are on par with the international market
  • Promote good design among manufacturers without compromising on quality

MRM Functions  

  • To educate the industries on the importance of quality and effective design management, in product manufacturing, to compete in the open market
  • To organise activities for locally designed products to be promoted internationally
  • To be a repository of information and reference on design so as to assist the local industries to develop their design capabilities
  • To coordinate advisory services to the industries
  • To promote programmes in improving product designs among local industries
  • To promote greater public awareness on quality design