MDC : Professional


Design By Mohd Norhan Bin Dulkahar &
Muhammad Hazman Bin Abdul Malik
Prize Hadiah Pertama
Place ---
Product Description Terraria memberi peluang kepada para pelajar dari usia tujuh hingga 12 tahun untuk meneroka alam sains dengan lebih menyeronokkan. Dilengkapi dengan tangki lutsinar, Terraria menjadikan sesi pembelajaran lebih mudah difahami kerana para pelajar boleh melihat dan menyentuh sendiri hasil ujikaji yang dijalankan.


Design By Zahana Binti Yusoff
Prize Hadiah Kedua
Place ---
Product Description Kombinasi warna yang tepat adalah penting untuk menjadikan sesuatu lukisan itu lebih menarik. Color Fitting Guide merupakan panduan kombinasi 24 warna yang sangat sesuai dijadikan rujukan oleh para pelajar bagi subjek seni visual.


Design By Mohd Rosli Bin Mat Isa &
Esuryati Bt Kamarudin
Prize Hadiah Ketiga
Place ---
Product Description Para pelajar sudah pasti akan lebih teruja untuk melakukan eksperimen sains sekiranya diberikan peralatan yang betul dan menarik. Bloop direka dengan bentuk yang sangat unik dan warna-warna terang bagi menarik minat pelajar untuk memberikan lebih tumpuan kepada pembelajaran.


Design By Mohd Yunus Bin Seno &
Habibah Binti Shoid
Prize Hadiah Saguhati
Place ---
Product Description Smart Ruler merupakan gabungan dua jenis pembaris yang direka bagi membantu kerja-kerja menjahit. Disasarkan untuk kegunaan para pelajar bagi subjek kemahiran hidup, Smart Ruler menjadikan kerja-kerja seperti menderaf polar pakaian lebih mudah dan cepat dilakukan.


Design By Yuslinda Binti Ibrahim &
Mohd Khairy B. Mohd Kamal
Prize Hadiah Saguhati
Place ---
Product Description Fast Learning Drawing (FLD) direka untuk menjadikan tugasan yang memerlukan garisan lukisan seperti lukisan kejuteraan, georgrafi, seni visual dan sebagainya dihasilkan dengan lebih cepat, mudah dan tepat.


Design By Roslan Bin Jalil
Prize First Prize
Place ---
Product Description A worthy replacement to the rubber tappers’ tapping tool, the new “RubTap” is innovated with modern characteristics, which are interesting, and an easy to handle tool for virtually anybody. While it comes with a changeable blade based on one’s requirement, the RubTap is cleverly designed with an LED lamp to aid rubber tappers to carry out their task better in the wee hours of the morning.


Design By Shahriman Zainal Abidin &
Mohd Norhan Dulkahar
Prize Second Prize
Place ---
Product Description If you are into plant seeding via air layering or the marcotting method, the Clone Case is all the help you need. Aptly and interestingly designed, the Clone Case is suitable for modern farmers. The device comes with safety features that will protect the marcotted area from pests and more. It is definitely created with these farmers in mind.

Agrrow – The Future Agriculture Wheelbarrow

Design By Ahmad Sahidi Ghazali &
Safarihairol Mustafa
Prize Third Prize
Place UiTM Shah Alam
Product Description A multifunctional yet innovative electric wheelbarrow, the Agrrow is the modern farmers' trusty aid. This wheelbarrow can be used on almost any surface – flat, hilly or rough terrains – as it equipped with a balancing device that ensures its stability whenever in use. Furthermore, the wheelbarrow has a built-in weighing scale that indicates the weight of the good carried, thus saving time in measuring or even transporting the goods later.


Design By Nuzairi Bin Yasin &
Saharudin Bin Busri
Prize Consolation
Place ---
Product Description T-rextor is a multi-purpose, versatile, lightweight and powerful agriculture vehicle designed to help farmers to handle tasks beyond traditional tractor usage and maintain maximum efficiency on their farms. Suitable to be used in farms, nurseries, greenhouse, palm oil plantations and pineapple plantations, this vehicle is also equipped with the latest technology to assist farmers in planting and harvesting of crops.

Cacao Splitter

Design By Mohd Azam Bin Abd Halim
Prize Consolation
Place ---
Product Description Cacao Splitter is a batter y powered hand tool which is well designed and engineered to help farmers to split cacao pods more effectively and efficiently, thus increase their productivity. Simply affordable, this device can be used by farmers to work more efficiently and the cacao gathered can be of better quality.


Design By Amir Hassan B. Mohd Shah
Prize Consolation
Place ---
Product Description An alternative to traditional tea plucking methods, the CUTeh is a modern apparatus for tea leaf pickers. Traditionally a manual labour intensive activity, tea leaf pluck ing is done either by hands or by large unsightly machines. Now with the use of CUTech, tea picking can be done quickly since the leaves are plucked and immediately drawn into a special container that is attached to the CUTeh device - simply easy, fast and clever.